15 Mar

 and the governorates under the control of the Houthis, is exacerbated by the rise of their calls to stop the Houthi militia and international organizations trading in their suffering.

 With the approach of the donors' conference for the UN humanitarian response plan in Yemen on March 16, the tragedy is at the fore of the UN humanitarian organizations' concerns and their search for financial funds under the pretext of providing humanitarian needs and aid, given the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country, which is witnessing a war entering its eighth year. 

The complaints of the DPs in the camps in the vicinity of the capital, Sana’a, have increased of the lack of shelter support provided to them by international organizations, as their living seems harsh in tents that have not been renewed for 5 years, some of which have worn out and hit by waves of dust and rain. 

The displaced person (A, A, Q) stated that most of the organizations conduct field surveys through their teams that visit them from time to time and record their data and claim that they are in the process of providing aid to them, then they take pictures in the camps and leave without return, accusing them of trading in their tragedies.

 The militias deliberately control the aid over all organizations, even those provided by merchants, under the pretext of the necessity of supervising it, despite submitting mandatory statements through the executive authority leaders in their local councils, in which most of the names of the families of their fighters and those affiliated with them were included in the lists of beneficiaries.

 Another displaced person said. International organizations account for 60% of the cost of any project or activity submitted by donor countries in Yemen as an operational expense and other expenditure items and the rampant corruption of organization managers, while 40% is spent on the project or activity and only crumbs are provided to the DPs.

 While a high percentage of the 40% involve bribes for Houthi leaders. Observers said. A recent statistic by the Houthis indicates that the number of DPs in the areas under their control has amounted to more than 4 million displaced persons living in catastrophic humanitarian conditions, but it has not been confirmed by any international organization or the internationally recognized government. 

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