15 Mar

Reports published by American media outlets confirmed the involvement of UN officials and officials in Yemen in the practice of fraud and corruption, and they participated in creating the largest humanitarian disaster in the country.

Reports indicated that there is a lack of transparency in some institutions of the United Nations through organizations based on humanitarian projects in Yemen; This is because it does not have clear programs on the amount of support and projects undertaken by these organizations.

 Since last year, there have been many reports of corruption and irregularities in the work of United Nations organizations playing roles in Yemen.

The reports said that, instead of the United Nations working to reduce the humanitarian crisis, it covered up its true causes and contributed to its aggravation.

Last year, the Associated Press revealed that more than ten United Nations aid workers in Yemen were involved in cases of looting and corruption, in addition to accusations of cooperating with combatants from various parties to the conflict to benefit from billions of dollars in aid donated to Yemen. 

This forced the agency, which said it had obtained internal investigation documents for United Nations organizations, to say that the World Health Organization was investigating a number of accusations, including hiring unqualified people with high salaries.

The reports also accused the Yemeni government of being involved in corruption cases by not revealing and clarifying about corruption and the fate of billions of aid provided by countries to Yemen in the name of the internationally recognized Yemeni government and the Houthi militia.

An investigative investigation was published by the American Associated Press two years ago, in which it confirmed the existence of manipulation practiced by the World Health Organization and UNICEF in Sana'a, which included approving dozens of suspicious contracts without the required papers, and that tons of donated medicines and fuel went missing, and among those accused of fraud was the chief Global Health Office in Sana'a; Nevio Zagaria; Where the report wrote that the World Health Office when under Zagaria's leadership was full of corruption and nepotism, and that he used junior employees who had previously worked with him in the Philippines, and that he raised them to high-paying jobs even though they were not qualified, and that two of them were tasked with taking care of the UN official's dog. 

The investigation also talked about a UNICEF employee, Khurram Javid, helping leaders of the Houthi militia to move and protect them from air raids, and even allowed Houthi leaders to use vehicles belonging to the United Nations agency. This effectively gave, according to the agency's investigation, official protection for Houthi leaders from the air raids launched by the Arab coalition to support government forces in Yemen.

In the context of the corruption of the UN organizations working in Yemen, we recall the announcement that the United Nations Development Program in Yemen published last year about a tender to supply dog food to Yemen.

The international organization published an announcement on its official website about a tender for the supply of dog food, and required all merchants wishing to obtain the tender to submit their applications through its website.

The announcement angered the Yemeni street, which is living under the worst humanitarian, food and health crisis in the 21st century, according to a previous statement by the United Nations.

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