17 Mar

Everything that we live and see in our Yemeni society is nothing but the outcomes of chaos and hatred: ailments and ills, grievous evil, camel pains, ruin and destruction, murder, and shameless and ugly exploitation... A reality produced by the sin of chaos and the foolishness of some revolutionaries imported from different geography with different goals by stupid cloning, an attempt to satisfy souls.

 The envious and obsessed patient, who aspires to sabotage achievements and satisfy the dark demonic whims, without regard to the interest of the people, their destiny, and the future of their generations.

The constitution and the law are next to the wise Sharia. “We can test all forces to be aware of what the political and partisan parties have presented to Yemen from 2011 to today.. an authority that was legally elected and in exceptional circumstances that had hopes but disappointed; It encouraged the militias and apologized to the forces of rebellion and secession. It tore up the army in the name of restructuring.

 Incompetent, unqualified, and under-represented elements lined up to hold a naming and comprehensive national dialogue that ratified a document whose alphabets came from outside the borders before the meeting; It resulted in intentions of division and fragmentation, whose content was absent from wisdom, justice, objectivity and comprehensiveness; And it began to be implemented by sharing the homeland between the leftist Islamic forces (Houthis) and the right (Al-Islah) on the one hand, and between the separatist forces with their junta and clique on the other, and extremism flourished and reached its climax and got out of control.

Entering Yemen under Chapter VII is a second crime, and blessing the movement of militias and the expansion of their influence is a third crime, and neutralizing the military and security establishment from its national duties and drugging and even dispersing it and kneading its formations is a third crime; Then those major sins culminated in summoning external forces to destroy the strategic stock of the army, its institutions, the nation’s infrastructure, and the centers of history, wealth and heritage.

 On the pretext and justification of eliminating the militias at a time when the militias are indirectly entrenching and empowering them, targeting the nation’s symbols and historical leaders and trying to obliterate the features of the state and the achievements of the September 26 and October 14 revolutions; Achieving external obscurantist goals that are not in the interest of the people and the country in any way.

From another angle, what did the Houthi militias offer to Yemen other than fear, hunger, poverty, disease, grievances, levies, high prices, death, sabotage, destruction, racism, dynasticism, classism, exploitation, extortion, and causing all the burdens that came from others by sharing it. murderers and tyrants; And the barbarism of a weak mob who sacrifices themselves and their children to please them and to consolidate their tyranny and oppression.. Like them, the fragmentation militias demand secession; There may not be enough space here to list all the crimes committed against the Yemeni people, their present and future, from partners in chaos and sabotage at home and their counterparts from outside the borders.

Today, the people’s revolution and their uprising are obligated against all this absurdity and criminality; The more time passed, the tragedies aggravated, and the sorrows, aches and pains increased.. a revolution that seeks emancipation, freedom, security, democracy, unity and national sovereignty.. a revolution that calls for “the people want to restore the state, build order, and implement the constitution and the law.” Influence and power..a revolution that builds and does not destroy..a revolution that tries all criminals and murderers..a massive popular revolution that will be supported by the whole world because it is a necessity after running out of patience..

the torrent has reached the peak of usury; The situation became narrow, and there was no longer any difference in the sacrifice between facing tyrants or waiting for death with cowardice, defeat and disgrace; The revolution against oppression and tyranny is a goal and a goal so that security prevails, peace returns, the people live, and the homeland is preserved.. God.. the homeland.. the revolution.. unity.. and the eyes of cowards never sleep.

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