15 Mar

The suffering of the wounded government forces in Egypt is exacerbated by what they described as neglect and the feeling of pain and bitterness that fills their hearts as a result of ignoring their repeated calls to complete their necessary treatment and not responding to their demands by the legitimate government.
The tragedies and suffering of the wounded multiply not only because of the physical complications they suffer month after month because of their injuries on the battlefields and their neglect; Rather, it has psychological effects that add to all the wounded and discourage them and demoralize them due to the continuous betrayal by the government and the Ministry of Defense, in particular.
The wounded in the army, the resistance, and the tribesmen who oppose the Iranian Houthi militia, who are in Egypt, complain that many of their families have been expelled from the apartments and stranded despite their continuing protest movements to demand the completion of their treatment tirelessly, but without a response worthy of their sacrifices.
Earlier, dozens of wounded government forces staged a vigil in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to protest what they described as "the government's ignoring of their wounds, abandoning them and threatening them to return to the homeland without completing treatment."
A statement of the vigil said, "The government met the sacrifices of the wounded with disregard, betrayal, and lack of interest in what they offered in order to restore the state from the grip of the Houthis."
The statement appealed to the legitimate government to respond urgently to their demands and provide sufficient funds for their treatment, under the supervision of the Military Medical Committee.
On the seventeenth of last month, the medical committee announced the suspension of treatment of the army's wounded abroad due to the repeated delays in disbursing the amounts due to treat the wounded.
The committee said in a statement that "despite repeated promises to regularly disburse the amounts periodically, we are facing the same delays, so that we are forced to stop operations and treatments for those outside Yemen, despite the great losses due to this arrest."
The committee absolved its responsibility “before God and the wounded,” holding the legitimacy leadership and the government responsible for stopping the treatment of the wounded army and popular resistance who are in Egypt and who are waiting for their turn to travel to complete treatment, according to a document issued by the Military Medical Committee.
At the conclusion of its statement, the Military Medical Committee appealed to President Hadi, his deputy, the prime minister, and all concerned authorities to "give the issue of the wounded special attention and work quickly to find a permanent solution to this problem."
And she stressed, "It is arranging to return all the cases in the Arab Republic of Egypt to the homeland with their wounds, despite the fact that their treatment has not been completed."
Subsequently, the committee informed all the wounded receiving treatment in Egypt that they should prepare to leave and hand over the apartments they live in, as a result of the lack of financial liquidity and the failure of the government to provide the necessary support for their treatment.

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