15 Mar

She visited Yemen and then left, leaving more than one question mark that has nothing to do with the international corruption of aid or to which pocket it goes!

The displaced cried for her beautiful eyes as much as the suffering in the IDP camp.

However, it seems that they are like crocodile tears.

 Their tears wanted to plead the world to support Yemen, after many of them abandoned their pledges when corruption became rampant and intertwined with international corruption.

The surprise visit of the UNHCR Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, came days before the donors conference called by the United Nations; In an effort to draw the attention of the international community to the humanitarian catastrophe that Yemen has suffered for nearly seven years.

The American star’s visit to Yemen came after many appeals from UN organizations and warnings against reducing UN programs, due to lack of funding and donors’ failure to abide by their pledges, which makes all warnings issued by humanitarian programs and relief agencies come in the context of hiring the sympathy of the international community, ahead of the conference to be held in mid MarchAll international warnings, appeals and intimidation of the humanitarian catastrophe; Attempting to obtain new financing was unsuccessful.

 The United Nations resorted to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie to visit Yemen and drew the attention of donors ahead of their next meeting to obtain new funds that would generally flow into the coffers and balances of UN organizations and bodies and spend them as operating expenses and salaries for their employees and do not reach the beneficiaries, and did not change anything on the ground or alleviate the humanitarian disaster.

Well-informed economic sources confirm that the upcoming donors' conference will face an inevitable failure due to several considerations, including the shock that hit the global economy due to the war in Ukraine, the rise in oil prices and the turmoil in the financial markets. 

Therefore, the priority of Western governments is directed towards confronting developments, in addition to the documented suspicions of corruption that were revealed in the work of UN humanitarian organizations in Yemen, which prompted donors to refrain from fulfilling their previous commitments or announcing new donations and grants.

Dr. Muhammad Bashraheel says that the conference to be held on March 16 comes after international disappointment with the failure of the international organization to reach the target amount at the donors’ conference last year, due to the corruption of relief agencies and the use of donations and grants to finance the two sides of the war and contribute to prolonging the war, and that Intimidation about humanitarian risks but with a purpose.

 This is why the tears of the Hollywood actress were used to sympathize with the donors to steal their donations from the organizers of these conferences.

Those tears conveyed their message to the world that Yemen needs great support to stop the specter of famine that hangs over the heads of Yemenis. The real message was absent that aid is misleading from the displaced and those displaced by the war in every inch of the homeland.

Professor and journalist Ali Al-Saqqaf said: As if the war that has been grinding Yemenis for more than seven years is not enough to make them live in a situation that is the most tragic in the world. 

Besides, the Yemeni people have been afflicted by those who doubled the size of their tragedies and suffering through organizations led by thieves who devour most of the relief aid.

 To keep the specter of death from starvation lurking in the millions in complete lack of any feelings of pity or mercy on the part of those in charge of these organizations.

Perhaps the tears of Angelina Jolie, while watching the tragedy and groping for it closely, recalled the crimes of the relief thieves, who did not shake a hair or bat an eyelid, as they traded the food of the displaced, some of whom reached a situation where Angelina had no choice but to shed tears.

Lawyer Najib Qahtan came to the conclusion when he said: Angelina's tears remain just tears no matter how much they are shed.

Muhammad Fatini, displaced from Tihama to the IDP camps in Lahj, believes that Angelina's tears are a media frenzy that conveyed our suffering to the world. 

But who will follow what we are going through in the camps, which have become lacking the most basic requirements of the displaced and have become mere camps that I want to turn into a means of begging in our name to collect donations and assistance, the small part of which reaches us. 

That is why we want more tears to be shed, not for the sake of getting money, but for the sake of ending the suffering of the Yemeni people by putting an end to the war.

The visit ended, the tears dried up, and Angelina left us, angry at the violation of her privacy at Aden Airport; It is another message that the famine left by the war spawned a group of savages.

 As much as Yemen needs aid, it is in dire need of someone to help us restore the values and morals that were destroyed by the war.

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