15 Mar

The Yemeni academic loyal to the Houthi group, Dr. Ibrahim al-Kibsi, criticized his group for looting public money and tampering with it on billboards for its ideological and sectarian occasions.

Al-Kibsi considered the publication of such paintings and pictures by the terrorist Houthi militia of Iran as provocative acts for the people, whom he described as "the patient", who cannot find a living while the militia is looting billions.

Al-Kibsi published a large picture in one of the streets of one of the dead Houthi leaders and commented on it by saying: "If the owner of this picture was alive and well, would he have accepted this absurdity in this difficult circumstance that the Yemeni people are going through?

"He asked 

"Do these works belong to the school of the noble and humble Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, may my Lord's blessings and peace be upon him?"He added, “Would those who carried a Qur’anic message calling for justice, fairness, humility, austerity, spending money on the poor of the people, giving people’s rights and staying away from the pests of praise, flattery, and exaggeration in veneration and sanctification, whether for leaders or rulers) carry out these propaganda activities?Al-Kibsi affirmed:

 I was provoked by the talk of some ignorant people and their pride in posting such a picture, describing it as a great deed, describing it as the largest picture in the world and as enraging opponents and enemies.

He said: I do not know who are your opponents and enemies whom you want to anger? 

Are the Yemeni people patient in living poverty, injustice and corruption? Are they the ones who stand in long queues in front of this picture on 60th Street for several days to get 40 liters of petrol?

Addressing the Houthi militia, he added: "I do not like to generalize, but if you have some weak-minded members of your group who want to make records to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, such as hanging large and huge pictures of your leaders, or organizing the largest collective wedding or talking about a service map, do not Its presence on the ground, or the organization of mass demonstrations, or the holding of huge celebrations, and other actions that do not benefit the Yemeni citizen in this difficult circumstance, and do not even benefit the Yemeni citizen who does not belong to your group.

 A very difficult life and he struggles to live in dignity within his country, while he finds your government refraining from paying his rights under the excuse of not having enough revenues.

He continued, "I will tell you about other record numbers that were achieved during the era of your failed government, and all the reasons for its failure and corruption are attached to the peg of aggression.

"He explained that there are global catastrophic figures with which the Houthi militia can enter the Guinness Book of World Records, and they are as follows: the largest humanitarian famine in the world, the longest period of interruption in employee salaries, the longest queues of vehicles to supply oil, diesel and gas, the most failed and corrupt government in the world, the highest price Gas, oil and diesel in the world, the worst education system in the world, the worst and most dangerous place to live in the world, the highest death rate in the world, the most suffering, sad and tormented people in the world, the worst health services in the world, the highest rates of internal displacement in the world, the highest poverty rates in the world The world, the largest black market for oil derivatives in the world.

Al-Kibsi said: "The list goes on and on and it does not seem to have an end, and with all these shameful and catastrophic records, we find a group of tyrants who care about hanging huge pictures and flaunt their size while his people suffer from hunger, poverty, injustice and corruption, which turned his life inside his homeland into an unbearable hell.

 Rather, he hangs this big picture in a street where the longest queue in the world is lined up in order to obtain 40 liters of gasoline, and in which the citizen remains stuck for many days between the heat of the day and the cold of the night.

Al-Kibsi concluded his post by saying, addressing the Houthis: "Indeed, you specialize in provoking your patient people."

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